COVID updates

COVID updates

This event is planned to be an in-person event and will be run in accordance with the latest government guidelines.

The event is hosted in the EICC, a large conference center hosting all size of events. They have a dedicated page regarding Health and Safety on their website, which we invite you to read.

We will not require attendees to show a valid COVID vaccine passport, but we do recommend taking a Lateral Flow Test in the 24 hours before the event (the government and the EICC also recommend it).

Attendees will have to wear facemasks during the whole event except when eating and drinking, in which case a proper physical distancing will apply (the current recommendation being 1m indoors). We ask attendees to bring their own masks if possible, and we will have some spare masks on available on demand (Omnitex BLACK 3ply Premium Type IIR Disposable Surgical Face Mask).

Last but not least, we've made sure to book spaces large enough to host at least twice the number of attendees we expect. This way, anyone is able to observe the distancing they want, not only the distancing we require.