Meet the team


Paul Dragoonis

Paul, a full-stack software consultant from Glasgow, Scotland, is a long-term php community member whom spends his time contributing to PHP-FIG, PHP internals / extensions, the website and the PPI Framework Engine project. He is the lead developer of PPI, where he focuses on framework interoperability and multi-framework co-operation. Since PPI and PHP-FIG share a common goal, he focuses his time maintaining & participating in the PHP-FIG group to help drive PHP-FIG forward and uses PPI to help drive PHP-FIG standards forward.


Iain Iveson

I'm a Software Developer based in Dundee. As well as working with web and mobile technologies, I'm a community councilor for my local area and organise the DundeePHP user group.


Thomas Dutrion

French speaking person, you can come talk to me anytime you want, I may just not understand everything in English but at least you'll get a smile! In terms of tech, I'm a ZF enthousiast, so don't tell me it's dead please :) (though that's a way to get me started!)


Vicky Jackson

I’m an enthusiastic advocate of end to end QA, which I see as a combination of process implementation, risk analysis and targeted testing. I enjoying working in a joint QA/ScrumMaster role which lifts me out of the traditional test ‘gatekeeper’ mentality and into a ‘team facilitator’ one. My favourite moment in tech to date was when Microsoft discontinued support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10!


Brian Ward

I'm an Acquia Certified Software Engineer and Technical Team Lead working for Inviqa in Glasgow. Although I often work with Drupal, I also spend a lot of my time working with other systems - such as Symfony, Laravel and the Slim PHP framework. Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to develop software solutions for some of the UK's biggest names.


Danny Wilson

I work as a web, app and just about anything else that gets thrown my way-developer working at Waracle in Dundee and organiser of AberdeenPHP user group.