Meet the team


Paul Dragoonis

Paul, a full-stack software consultant from Glasgow, Scotland, is a long-term php community member whom spends his time contributing to PHP-FIG, PHP internals / extensions, the website and the PPI Framework Engine project. He is the lead developer of PPI, where he focuses on framework interoperability and multi-framework co-operation. Since PPI and PHP-FIG share a common goal, he focuses his time maintaining & participating in the PHP-FIG group to help drive PHP-FIG forward and uses PPI to help drive PHP-FIG standards forward.


Iain Iveson

I'm a Software Developer based in Dundee. As well as working with web and mobile technologies, I'm a community councilor for my local area and organise the DundeePHP user group.


Thomas Dutrion

French speaking person, you can come talk to me anytime you want, I may just not understand everything in English but at least you'll get a smile! In terms of tech, I'm a SF / DDD enthousiast, but really I'm interested in anything!


Alan Reid

I am an infrastructure engineer who does stuff with AWS.


Danny Ockilson

I work as a developer (mainly apps and websites) at Waracle in Dundee and "organise" AberdeenPHP user group.