Sponsorship Opportunities

ScotlandPHP is a two-day conference bringing together PHP and web developers from Scotland and around the world to share best practices and learn what the future holds for the industry. Our third event last year exceeded our expectations, and this year we’re continuing with the workshop day before the main conference. We anticipate a sell-out crowd of over 250 attendees.

We're very excited about bringing the web community together once again for a day of high-quality workshops followed by an action-packed day of exceptional presentations with networking opportunities throughout.


Malt Grain Blend Dram
5 min speaking slot at the start of the day
Keynote room named after sponsor
Company branding on delegate bags
Company description on website
Table included
Logo on event signage
Logo on electronic displays
Personal thank you on the day
Logo on website
Mentions on social media
Promotional material in delegate bags
Discount on further tickets
Tickets Included 4 3 2 0
Price £6500 £3500 £2000 £600

The packages detailed above are critical to keeping the conference running smoothly; these funds not only help us cover the bulk of the speakers travel and accomodation costs but also helps us with venue costs, insurance, venue staffing/security, signage, advertising, delivery/storage charges and other miscellanious/unexpected costs while keeping the ticket prices down, helping us reach more people.

Interested? Lets talk

All prices are subject to negotiation and we are happy to work with you to make sure we find an opportunity for both our attendees and your business to make the most out of your partnership for this years event. If you would like to cover multiple packages (either those listed above or below) we are happy to discuss how we can make that more affordable for you.

"Special" Packages

Lunch - £1500

Our fantastic lunch will be provided by Leith’s of Edinburgh and your brand will be prominently displayed as the meal is served and you’ll be thanked both on the day and on social media.

Video - £800

The videos of our talks have proven very popular with our community, who couldn’t wait for them to get released after the event. If you sponsor our video content, your company name and logo will feature at the start of every video and a link to your company website will be placed in the description.

Hot Drinks - £500

Help us kick the morning blues away by giving everybody some ground beans or dried leaves. Your brand will be featured prominently on signage in the refreshment area throughout the day of the conference along with a mention on social media.

Lanyards - SOLD OUT

Our high-quality lanyards will carry your logo and will be worn by every one of our 250 delegates and speakers. Your brand will be in all the photographs of delegates and taken home by everyone after the conference.

Notebooks - £350

Our attendees love to take notes and our well-made conference notebooks, placed in every delegate bag, will feature your brand on the inside of the front cover.

Post Conference Social - £2000

The Post-Conference social event is the perfect way to end ScotlandPHP, dissect the content delivered throughout the day and network with the speakers and fellow attendees. Your logo will be displayed throughout the event on banners and electronic displays, and you'll be thanked for sponsoring the social during announcements and on social media. Your sponsorship will help fund the food and beverages for everyone at the after-conference social.

Diversity and Accessibility Packages

Diversity Tickets - £100 per ticket

Help someone attend the conference who wouldn't otherwise be able to make it. By covering the costs of a ticket you can help us reach and teach someone who may not be able to make it to the conference otherwise! You'll also get a picture/link on our community hall of fame as a thank you!

Childcare Sponsor - £1200

To help make it easier for more people to attend this years event we would love to offer on-site childcare to attendees. If you would like to help us and support getting more parents along to the event we would love to hear from you. We have a few childcare providers we have spoken to and can secure additional space in the venue. The quoted price is based on estimates received and would be the base amount required to provide childcare with a hard limit of 10 children (dependent on ages).

Closed Captioning - £2000

Closed captioning (showing written transcript of speakers in real time across all talks) would not only greatly help those who are deaf or with hearing impairments but is a great way of helping the rest of the audience. From knowing how to spell a technology/library names, to issues understanding the range of accents on stage, we believe closed captioning would provide great assistance to a broad spectrum of our attendees.

Scholarship Fund - £250 per place

We want to help as many people as possible attend, learn and enjoy our events. An important part of this is supporting members of the community that would struggle financially to attend; for whatever reason, and we would really like to be able to help them out. If you would like to help us by financing a place in our scholarship program we can provide travel, accomodation and food for a member of our community, as well as access to the full day of talks, who will otherwise miss out.

Thank you for considering the packages in this prospectus however if none of them suit your business or organisation please get in touch and we will work with you to to find something that will.
We'd love to discuss your needs and help you to help the community. We’re always on the lookout for help with diversity and inclusivity and welcome your own ideas on how to contribute to the event.

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